Why we will never be perfect…

Personal growth is an ongoing journey that never stops. It took me a long time to figure out that perfection doesn’t exist. It took me even longer to accept that I am continuously changing and every time I come closer to my best self, but I can never reach her.

Life’s purpose is not becoming perfect or being the very best version of ourselves. The purpose of life is learning, growing, evolving… This also means that we are always the best version of ourselves. You are being your best self, right at this moment. You are always doing the best you can with the knowledge you have at this moment

Also, if life were to be perfect and if we were perfect… Life would be ridiculously boring. Can you imagine everyone being perfect? There would be zero space for growing and learning. We would have everything we wanted instantly and be bored because something was missing. Purpose! If there’s no growth, no learning, no change and everyone is always happy, then what would be the purpose of life?
So, even though it can be annoying to accept that we are not perfect and never will be, I kind of accepted it. With the emphasis on ‘kind of’. Sometimes I still struggle with the fact that I’m always evolving into a wiser and more resilient version of myself.

Today I’ll share with you what I do to feel better whenever I feel anything less than ‘perfect’. I believe that anything that makes me feel bad is not my true self. Negative thoughts we have about ourselves, are not true and we can let them go. When you feel uncomfortable, whether it’s muscle tension, physical pain, self-doubts, worries, anxiety or stress, try this:

  • Ask yourself what you can let go of. Take some time to rest and really feel what is happening in your body and mind.
  • Try to see ‘negative’ sensations as a cue to release unhelpful energy or unhealthy patterns.
  • You can say to yourself ‘I now let go of […]’ (fill in the blank with whatever you want to let go of right now). Repeat it like a mantra if necessary.
  • Visualise the problem you have floating away into the distance.
  • After letting go of the old, you can fill up the space it left with something positive. Imagine filling your body with peace, love, confidence, relaxation…

That’s all! In the beginning, it took me quite some time to apply this technique, but now it only takes me one minute. The mind is like a muscle: it gets stronger every time we exercise. If you apply this technique every time you feel down, you’ll notice big changes after a while. Let me know in the comments how it worked out for you!

In conclusion, we will never be perfect and that’s perfect! 😉

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