Radiate Confidence

There is a small part in you that doesn’t want to succeed. It’s the tiny but strong part that is terrified of failing. Every time people tell you that your dream is destined to turn out in a disaster, your little saboteur makes you feel inadequate. The persistent saboteur wants to keep you safe and is always looking for proof of the inevitable – the ruin you’ll be leaving behind after chasing your dreams and failing.

The thing is that this little saboteur is part of you and you have called it into existence in a long gone past. That’s right, subconsciously, you have created a fail detector, because your instinct wants you to survive. Every unexpected thing that might happen, is jeopardizing your survival. That is if you were living in a prehistoric community and lions could come to shred you to pieces any moment if you’re not careful.

In today’s society, there is not much to be afraid of, even if your brain wants you to believe otherwise. Your biological settings have not changed that much in the last few thousand years, but society has changed tremendously. Even though you might not think it’s safe out there, we live during the safest time in history.

If you do feel afraid daily, I highly recommend you to stop watching the news and noticing the beauty around you. The world is not a bad place, our brain is. Your brain can either be your prison or your paradise. This is completely up to the type of media you consume (positive or terrifying) and consequently the thoughts you have about the world you live in. Life is amazing and there are beautiful things to live for if you dare to look for them.

The same goes for feeling confident about chasing your dreams. Do you focus on the wins or the fails? In my opinion, failing doesn’t exist at al. And I’m not saying this because I have never failed in my life. This thing you’re reading here today, this little secret to success, is something I wish I had known earlier. I wish that I had never failed, only by thinking differently about the events that happened. Because you are the only person who decided if the setback you experienced was a big fail or… a new lesson learnt. Let that sink in for a moment.

Erase the world ‘failing’ out of your vocabulary and replace it with ‘learning’, right now.

Now it seems a whole lot less scary when things go unexpectedly right?

Imagine a life in which you only learn and get better every day, while chasing your dreams. That is your new reality!

To really implement this concept, I invite you to make a list of all the moments you have failed in life. Write down all your disasters and when you’re done, think of them as valuable lessons. Behind every event you wrote down, you write:

  • The lesson you got out of it
  • The valuable experience you’ve had
  • The knowledge you have now because of this event
  • The talent(s) you’ve developed and improved after this event
  • How it has made you a better person

See this list of events in a different light. Can you be grateful for these experiences, or even better, love that they came on your path?

These events came on your path for a reason. Once you truly believe that this was the path you were meant to walk, you’ll realise that you won’t have to be afraid anymore. You have learned valuable lessons, you have gained experience and developed your talents. Everything that has happened to you, made you stronger and wiser. Break free from the prison in your mind and enter paradise today.

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