‘My confidence has returned’

Thanks to Corinne’s course my confidence has returned. Before the coaching sessions I felt stressed and unable to organise my life and as a result of this, my confidence was low. Now I know that most of my problems were in my mind and that failing doesn’t exist, we simply learn from it. Instead of being worried we can find a solution. We can try to calm down using meditation or other things that make us feel happy.

  • Dieter

‘Now I can take care of my heart and soul’

I feel very fortunate to have met Corinne, who coached me in my personal life. Her knowledge and insights on time management and goal-setting really helped me to make necessary changes. Now I can take care of my heart and soul while working on my goals. Thank you.

  • Vivek
    Computer programmer

‘I saw what my future was going to be’

I had the most amazing session with Corinne. During our coaching session she took me into my future and I saw what my future was going to be. It was super enjoyable and very interesting. Check her out!

  • Chelsea
    Breathwork coach

‘We broke down negative beliefs’

Corinne’s coaching program refined my planning skills. This was a great help to me, not only in business but also in my private life. Corinne was able to break down some personal fixed ideas and negative beliefs which were an obstruction to reach my goals. She gave me some tools which were a great help for my company. Besides to think from the needs of my clients, I also learned to be myself, to be authentic and to create a mission for the benefit of both myself as well as my clients.”

  • Jacob
    Coach, trainer and entrepreneur

‘Corinne is a warm person to talk to’

I had a nice conversation with Corinne. With an exercise I imagined what my dreams would look like in three years. I had to hold on to this feeling to follow my path with positivity and make it easier to actually reach my dreams. It was very informative and Corinne is a warm person to talk to. Everyone should talk to a coach once in a while to be guided along the way. It can be quite challenging to do this alone!

  • Myra
    Illustrator and art teacher