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The Feel-Good package

The Feel-Good Package is perfect if you want to feel more confident and in control of your life. With this package you will learn how to change your mindset to feel good and be relaxed. Feel happy for no reason!

During three one-on-one sessions of one hour each, you’ll learn how to take control of your life and feel good with:

Relaxation techniques
Visualisation to become happier and more successful
Reprogramming the brain to think positive
Planning effectively

The Stress and Anxiety package

The Stress and Anxiety package is perfect for people who feel stuck and don’t know where to start. Get past fears, doubts and insecurities and reach your goals!

During three one-on-one sessions of one hour each, you’ll learn overcome the things that are holding you back with:

Relaxation techniques
Visualisation to get rid of fears or doubts
Reprogramming the brain to become more resilient
Create habits and routines

Deep Coaching Experience

With a Deep Coaching Experiences you gain clarity about what you want in life. Find your dream and change your life!

All the answers you’re looking for, are already inside of you, but you only need to see them. With deep coaching, you will connect to your intuition with a meditation technique to discover what your life path will be.

Deep coaching is perfect for starting or continuing your self-development journey. It gives you new insights on what your goals and dreams are and how you will work towards them. After this, you can reach your goals by yourself or you can continue your journey with personalised coaching sessions if you need more tools and guidance.

Personalised sessions

Do you want more personal guidance during your personal development journey? During personalised sessions, you will get help with your current struggles.

Work on the difficulties you are facing now, whether it is insecurity, doubts or unwanted emotions. You’ll learn how to find motivation and reach your goals. You will get the tools to take control and feel better, so that you can live the life you want!

These sessions take up to 90 minutes and most clients need between 5 and 12 sessions to reach their goals.

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The Feel-Good Package: €240 for 3 sessions
The Stress and Anxiety Package: €240 for 3 sessions
Deep Coaching Experience: €150 per experience
Personalised sessions: €150 per session