Instaguide for professionals

What is Instaguide?

Instaguide is a course in which you will learn how to create a great Instagram account in just one day! This course is mainly focused on creating a professional account that can be used for businesses.

For this course it doesn’t matter if you already have an Instagram account for personal purposes or if this is your first time using this platform. Everyone can go home with enough insights to create a beautiful page.

What will you learn?

  • How to reach a lot of people
  • How to get to know your audience
  • How to develop your own Instagram strategy
  • How to make outstanding posts
  • How to plan your posts

What will you get?

  • An amazing day
  • The Instaguide workbook
  • Your very own Instagram style
  • Your first post(s)
  • Personal guidance

Online courses

If you want to follow the Instaguide course from the comfort of your own home, we can arrange an online course with you individually. It’s possible to do the whole course in one day, or to follow the course in two half days. The online course is available in English and Dutch. The price is €250. Fill in the contact form to book your online course and become an Instagram professional!

We can also come to you!

Do you want an in-company course? In-company courses are available in English and Dutch. The in-company course costs €500* per group (travel expenses excluded). It is possible to participate alone or with up to 5 persons. Click here and we will get in touch with you to set a date!

*Prices do not include VAT/BTW.