A new chapter

For the last few weeks, I have been on a spiritual journey. It all started when I decided that I wanted to be real and truthful at all times. I wanted to show the world who I am and also to stop pretending to be someone else. What got me thinking were the Instagram LIVEs I did with other coaches, one about people-pleasing and the other about the enlightened no. Both live sessions were very insightful and got me thinking.

It all seemed so innocent, just small mindset tricks after which I would go on with my life. Little did I know that both topics were tiny tips of a huge iceberg. They created space in my thinking and invited me to take a look within.

Who was I?

Was I living my purpose?

Was I being honest to myself?

How could I give others space to let their true voice speak?

Part of the personality I showed to the world was, without me realising it, a façade. I was wearing an imaginary mask made of the person I thought I was. Who I thought I was, was decided by the ideas I learned in society. Ever since we are young, we learn that we have to behave a certain way, smile a certain way and that it’s not desired to be too different from the others. Society prepares us to become people pleasers who fit into the system. Society teaches us that being ‘nice’ is more important than being honest, while real kindness arises when we are completely honest to one another.

Fitting in when you’re made for bigger adventures hurts a lot and many people experience this struggle every single day. Imagine trying to put on skinny jeans that are three sizes too small, squeezing in your thighs and your stomach. It hurts! That was the feeling I had without even realising it. A small voice in my subconscious mind told me every day that I had to keep myself smaller than I was.

I learned that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ regarding personalities and self-image. Every person is an individual and we each have our own truth. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t understand or accept this truth. We must stay true to this feeling inside of us because this is our life path. When we are honest about our identity, we can attract a group of people who share the same values and this gives us a lot of energy in return.

These days shedding who I’m not, cost me a lot of energy, but finding who I am, made me feel so peaceful and relaxed. I realised that no matter how others will perceive my message, I am honest. I cannot control how another person will react to my story. Being honest and speaking my truth is the ultimate freedom, as it also allows others to speak theirs. Just being who I am, made me so much more powerful and it is a power I want to share with the world.

From now on, I will be honest. I will show my feelings and put out there what feels right. I don’t need to have rational or logical reasons to explain what I feel intuitively or spiritually. I am just going to be me, unapologetically. You probably don’t know what to expect from me in the future and that is amazing, because I also don’t really know! All I know is that what I’m sharing is a reflection of who I am in that moment, which can change from day today.

So this is me, today, sharing my story. I hope that this story can support you while you are finding your own inner truth. For me, a new chapter has started. I am not who I thought I was and I don’t know who I will be tomorrow. How awesome is that?!

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