Infinite freedom

We are born free. Our body and mind have a perfect blueprint of the life that is meant for us. We can choose how we want to live our lives and also have the power to create a life that makes us happy. Everything we need to live to the fullest, is already within us. However, in today’s society, we often forget who we are and how we can become happy. This leads us to making choices that are not aligned with our very own life path.

So, why don’t we always feel free?

The first reason we can’t experience infinite freedom is that we are social beings. We have a mechanism that makes us adapt and highly value the opinions of the group we belong to. This can be a very useful mechanism if we are very dependent on the group for our survival. For example, every child is dependent on the family and the close environment it was born in because a child alone cannot survive in this world.

This brings us to the second obstacle standing between us and our freedom. When we were a child, and thus depending completely on our caretakers, we created certain patterns. An example of this is feeling uncomfortable every time someone else doesn’t like your behaviour. You’ll stop behaving the way you’d like to, because you fear judgement or even worse, punishment.

The last reason we feel unfree is that we have created limiting beliefs. In our childhood, we learned that we would never be able to be who others expected us to be. It’s simply impossible to make everyone happy and thus, we think we are flawed or not good enough. Deep down we might even be convinced that our dreams don’t matter or that we don’t deserve happiness. But obviously, these negative beliefs are false and you have the power to create new positive beliefs.

Reclaim your freedom!

Experiencing unlimited freedom means that you are living your life without being influenced by other people. It means finding your inner wisdom and making the choices that give you the life you want. When you experience this freedom, you’ll know what drives you. You’ll find your passion and purpose so that you can live the life that was meant for you. To reach this infinite freedom, you have to let go of the old patterns and expectations others have of you. Only when you don’t care about other’s opinions and find your inner voice, you’ll be truly free!

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