How to trust yourself

Once in a while, we all feel that life has more in store for us. We feel passionate or ambitious about certain ideas and we want to set goals. We start dreaming, until… Something tells us that our dreams and desires are not realistic. Maybe you’ve even come to believe that your dreams are impossible. But nothing is further away from the truth. Today I will tell you how you can trust yourself and reach your dreams!

Step 1: Believe that reaching your dreams is possible

We often think that it’s not possible to have a good life. We accepted to feel ‘fine’ instead of amazing. Today I will tell you that it is indeed possible to feel great and to be successful. Your dreams are not too big, nor are they too crazy. You are worthy of reaching your dreams. All the inspiration you receive and all the desires you feel, are guiding you towards the life that was meant for you! There is enough happiness for everyone in this world, you only have to allow it into your life.

Step 2: Let go of the opinions of others

The second obstacle is that we are not always clear about our desires and dreams. We don’t know what we want because our judgement gets muddled by all the opinions of those around us. Imagine trying to listen to one song on a particular radio station, but no matter how often you push the button, you always find other radio stations with different songs. Just like that particular radio station, we often can’t find what drives us. Our feelings and thoughts get influenced by the people around us without us noticing. The result is that we are not clear about what we want the most and how to reach it. Spending some time in solitude can help to get clear on what is important to you.

To implement this in your daily life, there are different practices you can do. For example, you could take some time to meditate alone and connect to your intuition every day. You can also practice connecting to your inner truth when you are doing exercise or driving in your car by yourself. Try to find some alone time every day and you’ll notice that it gets easier to get clear on your desires and dreams.

Step 3: Allow yourself to grow

The third obstacle is that we have been taught that it’s egotistical to want more in life. We grew up with the idea that we should be modest at all times. But keeping yourself small, doesn’t serve anyone! On the contrary, you’ll inspire a lot of people if you make your dreams come true and put something good out there. Besides, you have talents, experiences and skills that make you unique. Not sharing them with the world would be a complete waste!

Can you turn it around? Can you see how the world is missing out on what you have to offer if you keep yourself small? Allow yourself to grow! Stop denying other people your talents. All the skills and resources you need to reach your dreams, are already inside of you. So, start today and make the world a better place!

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