The physical benefits of meditation

Last week, I wrote about the mental benefits of meditation. This week, I’ll tell you all about the physical aspect. If you didn’t meditate already, you might as well start today!

To begin with, meditation leads to better sleep. Breathing slowly and letting go of negative thoughts, relaxes the body. This results in falling asleep faster and it also gives you a better quality of sleep, which of course contributes to waking up refreshed in the morning. Meditate and you’ll have enough energy to conquer the day!

If improving your sleep wasn’t enough, meditation also decreases the physical effects of stress, such as high blood pressure and muscle tension. We all know that high blood pressure can be quite dangerous in the long run, but what about feeling tense? When your muscles tense up for a long period due to stress, you can get a lot of unnecessary pain and even end up with severe back problems.

Lastly, meditation helps control pain. When we let go of negative thoughts and relax the body, the body releases endorphins. This hormone makes us happier and relaxed, so we can handle more pain, but it also physically numbs the pain.

In conclusion, meditation has some awesome health benefits. There are people who claim that meditating regularly even works to improve the immune system. In my own experience, meditation helps to recover quicker from a cold or the flu. I always practise meditation when I’m a little under the weather and it works like a charm.

Start meditating today, and find out if it works for you too! Also, follow me on Instagram (@corinnefrancisca) for more motivating content!

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