The bright side of Fall

The Fall season has started; temperatures are dropping and the trees are turning yellow, orange and red. This beautiful season is perfect for working on your mental and physical health. Let go of negative feelings, clean your house, take care of your body and stay warm!

In fall it’s very common to feel melancholic or sad because fall symbolises letting go. Just like trees start to shed their leaves, you can let go of negative feelings. Especially on rainy days, our energy tends to drop. If you start to feel melancholic or sad during this season, accept it and see it as a way to let go of tension and ultimately, feel more relaxed. Give your feelings a place, because they have a function.

This means that in fall you can emotionally ‘shed’ all the things you don’t need any more. Besides, fall is also the perfect time to physically get rid of things that no longer serve you. Take an advantage of the fall energy to tidy up and clean your house. If the space around you is clean and tidy, you will also create clarity in your mind, which makes you more productive and creative.

In the meantime, temperatures are dropping and many people get a cold. To prevent getting a cold, it’s recommendable to eat healthily. Listen to the needs of your body and make sure to eat enough fruit and vegetables. Besides reconsidering your eating habits, it’s also a good idea to take care of your lungs. Maybe you can go for a walk more often or do breathing exercises to increase your oxygen intake. Walking and breathing exercises are also beneficial for your brain. They can help you to concentrate better and be more creative, whereas a lack of oxygen can make you feel more stressed or even anxious.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep yourself warm! Drown in the fuzziness of a thick winter coat and a scarf. In fall it’s also socially acceptable to be a couch potato by night with your warm blanket and woolen socks. Get comfortable and take care!

To really benefit from the fall energy, I am organising a Personal Growth Week from Monday the 26th of October until Sunday the 1st of November 2020. This week will be all about improving your mental and physical health. The videos will appear on Instagram, so follow me (@CorinneFrancisca) to participate for free!

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