Intuition and where to find it

In the past, I wasn’t my true self. I did many things I thought I liked (but didn’t really like) and with that, I lost my energy. At the same time, I was never able to find the one thing I loved or what my passion in life was. It took me a long time to figure out that I, like many people, was not listening to my intuition. This little all-knowing voice inside of me got overshadowed by the things I thought others expected of me. After I had found my intuition, I started to realise how much better life gets when you listen to it.

Your intuition is that little voice that everyone has, that gut feeling, that lets you know whether something is good for you or not. Deep inside you know what is best for you. The first thought that pops up in your mind is often created by your intuition, but after that, your brain responds and tries to talk you out of it. So you often find yourself feeling that you want something, but after 10 seconds you’re making up excuses. This happens because we are afraid. Your brain remembers all the things that went wrong in the past and therefore it wants to talk you out of new ideas that might fail. Maybe your intuition tells you what you really want but your brain says it’s scary.

However, the good thing about intuition is that it keeps coming back. If your subconsciousness wants to tell you something, you will see it everywhere (you only have to pay attention to the signs). Whenever it gets the chance, your intuition is trying to get you back on track. In this case, the track is your dream life in which you are the best version of yourself.

So how do you find your intuition?

– Find a quiet place

– Get rid of negative thoughts

– Meditate

– Go into nature

– Realise that the answers are inside of you

– Write down your thoughts

First, you have to get rid of the negative thoughts and fears, so they don’t overrule your intuition. It often helps to find a quiet place where you won’t get distracted. Often we don’t only have to deal with our fears, but also with the expectations of others. While many people mean well when they don’t want you to fail, they are holding you back from being your true self.

Try to be alone with your thoughts. Maybe you can meditate or go into nature and take your notebook with you. Let go of the fears that push away your intuition. Realise that you already know what your dream is and what you want out of life. Your intuition wants what is best for you. The answers are all there, you only need to find them. Remember that you only have one life and your subconsciousness wants you to live it to the fullest. It wants you to become your true self and to live your dream.

Follow these steps and I hope that you´ll find who you really are and what your mission is on earth. If you need more guidance with finding your intuition, you can always contact me to book a coaching session!

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