How to believe in yourself

Believing in yourself starts with validation and acceptance. We often expect others to give these to us, but we have the power to give it to ourselves! When others don’t believe in us or don’t approve of our ideas, we often feel insecure. It’s easy to assume that our ideas were not so good if others don’t see it. But instead of thinking about what others think, we should follow our dreams, even if others don’t support those.

Caring about what others think is a natural response, because we want to fit in and be part of the group. Humans are social beings and we need others to survive. If others don’t see value in what we do, this can leave us insecure and feeling unworthy of success. The danger of this is that, if we do what others expect of us, we end up doing something that fits their lives, but not ours. In this blog, I want to give you one tip on how to believe in yourself, no matter what, so that you can do the things that are good for you!

One of the biggest assumptions we have regarding success is that we think we are not experienced or talented enough. Our insecurities get fueled by the thought that others have more knowledge or more experience. This is not true, because everyone is unique. You have many years of life experience and you’ve developed your very own talents. You possess insights that no other person has, simply because you look at the world from your very own perspective! So, how can you feel confident? 

It all starts with giving yourself permission. Are you giving yourself permission to do what you want? We are often waiting for others to say that we did a good job or for others to encourage us. This way, we get permission to do something that might be good for them. To be the real authentic you, you need permission to do the things that fit your personality. You are the only person who can give yourself acceptance and validation, because you are the only person who knows who you really are!

So, are you giving yourself permission? Here are a few examples of statements you can use to give yourself permission:

I give myself permission to feel good.

I give myself permission to be my true self.

I give myself permission to have a job I love.

I give myself permission to live the life I want.

Choose your statement while giving yourself permission. It could be as specific as you like. It works best if the statement applies to the things you struggle with. If you gave yourself permission and wrote it down, repeat it and feel that permission flowing through your body. Let me know in the comments what you are giving yourself permission for!

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