The old year

For me travelling is an important part of my life. If I’m in the same place for too long, I get bored and I feel stuck. Seeing new places gives me energy and inspiration. A good journey doesn’t always have to involve going to another country. Just seeing another part of our city or a village close by can be enough to feel free and get in that holiday mood.

Last year I visited a lot of places in Catalonia. I can’t even remember all of them, but I’ve tried my best to map them out.

Because there are so many of them and I really love little lists, I decided to make a top 5:

  1. Montserrat
  2. La Mola (read about it in ‘Climbing mountains’)
  3. Tarragona (read about it in ‘When the Romans came to Spain’)
  4. Tossa de Mar (read about it in ‘Sand castles and other fairy tales’)
  5. Rupit

Last year I also went to many places in the Netherlands when I visited my family and in the summer I travelled to Prague, which is an amazing city! I don’t know why I’ve never written an article about that one. This will bring me to the things I will do differently next year.

Looking back on 2019, I realise that I want to travel to see more of Spain (because it’s a big country). Second of all, I want to write more about my discoveries and adventures.

The new year

On new year’s morning I woke up with a clear mind. Even though it was early, I decided to start my day. This was a new year after all and I really felt this energy of new year’s resolutions burning inside of me. When I made my morning tea, the quote on the teabag made me think.

“Experience will give you the power and confidence to be you.”

This year I want to be more productive, more enthusiastic, more grateful and happier. Last year I felt that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. I imagined that I would feel happier if I worked more, travelled more, had a more interesting life, and so on. Besides of that, I never really put all my effort in my work, because I felt a lack of experience to do certain jobs. This is where the quote comes in. We all feel more powerful and confident when we have experience. But how do you get experience? By doing things instead of waiting to learn them automatically. This year I want to start doing instead of thinking.

The second thing I really want to do this year is to be happier and by doing that to make others happier. The art of being happy is defined by feeling grateful and seeing the wonders that are right in front of us. Sometimes we’re lucky and we call it serendipity, but if we appreciate these little winks of the universe, we can find more joy.

For me 2020 will be a year full of hard work, energy, patience and love. Do you want to join me? Let’s get into a positive cycle and create energy together. What will your 2020 be about?

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